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The Bronze Sculpture Process


Lost Wax Method

Each sculpture begins with a concept, field study, and photographic research. Initially sculpted by the artist in clay,  the age old and multi-step 'lost wax method' is used for the creation of the finished bronze sculpture.

Initially, a wire and metal rod armature is welded. The form is then sculpted in clay over the metal skeleton. A silicone mold is  made of the clay work, which is destroyed as it is removed from the mold. Hot wax is then poured into the mold, creating a wax reproduction of the clay piece. The wax is then covered in a liquid ceramic, and once hardened the wax is heated and poured out, leaving a mold into which the liquid bronze is poured. The bronze piece is chiseled out of the ceramic. The final step is the application of the patina. The majority of the wax and bronze process is completed at the Mussi Artworks Foundry in Berekely, CA. 

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